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Antonia Spowers

I moved to Wales from London 1996 and lived on the edge of the Black Mountains from 1997 until 2013. In December 2016 I moved into a new build house and studio in Presteigne.

The work is in a wide range of both themes and materials.  I am particularly interested in the physical properties of materials and their ability to embody and suggest ideas.

There is an underlying connection to a sense of landscape in the widest sense, either natural
or man made or even the interior landscape of the mind.

The diversity of the work reflects an ongoing sense of curiosity about the natural world. In the past there has been a sense of continuity and connection but recently I have started to explore the theme of Erosion in many forms.

This is not an entirely negative concept – really more of a cyclical process where often new life or ideas emerge. This current phase will include experimentation with different processes and materials.